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QuikTea Chai Latte & Tea Bags
A Healthy and Natural Choice

When it comes to pure Authentic Chai Latte, nothing compares with Quiktea!
We make Organic Leaf Tea, Flavored and black Tea bags and Instant Chai Teas.

QuikTea is made from all natural ingredients. They are Instant Tea, Skim Milk Powder, Pure Cane Sugar and Spices. Available in six delicious chai tea (chai latte) flavors: Plain Chai, Cardamom Chai, Masala (Spiced tea) Chai, Ginger Chai, Lemongrass Chai & Saffron-Masala Chai.
Unsweetened version of the Chai teas are also available.
Additionally, We also make a Coffee-Chicory Latte – Madras Coffee – taste and flavor of Madras.

We also make incomparable Tea Bags with 100% Assam teas. Our tea flavors include:

Masala Tea Bags
Ginger Tea Bags
Cardamom Tea Bags
Green Tea Bags

Our Organic Leaf teas – grown on the slopes of the mighty Himalayas feature:

Organic Darjeeling Long Leaf Tea
Organic Assam-Darjeeling Long Leaf Tea Blend
Organic Assam CTC Leaf Tea
Organic Green Long Leaf Tea

How to make QuikTea Chai Latte
(3 easy steps)
1. Empty the contents of the pouch into a cup
2. Add 8 fl. oz. hot (not boiling) water to the cup
3. Stir well

Add more or less water according to taste. Reducing the water will make the chai more creamy & sweet.

Enjoy a hot cup of Chai tea